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“Your next posture is your best posture”

Yes this is true and should always be true during one’s daily life especially if they work at a computer, on vehicles or are in a certain posture for a long period time.  In those times when you are in a position for a prolonged period of time, here are three things to consider:

1) Get your chest up.  Focus on bringing your shoulder blades together and placing each one in the back pocket on the opposite side.  When you perform this, back off about 10% and then you should be in a good position for you.

See the pictures below:

IMG_2897 2                 IMG_2898 2


2) Tuck yer chin.  Gravity will pull you forward and here is a great way to compliment #1.  See the video below for a great example:

3) 15 minute check.  Even if you could hold #1 and #2 all day, you shouldn’t.  As the title says it, your next posture is your best posture.  In other words, you need to move and do it every 15 minutes.  Even if you have great posture doing whatever you are doing or you need to get your self to a good posture, you need to change positions every 15 minutes.  This could be standing up for 30 seconds or walking a “lap.”  Your body is meant to move.

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