Plantar Fasciitis part 3

This blog is the continuation of the previous blog post to help you analyze what  may driving your plantar fasciitis. Step 1) Find a path that is 50 feet long that you can walk down and back [...]

Plantar Fasciitis part 2 In this previous blog, we talked about the facts of Plantar Fasciitis. [...]

Plantar Fasciitis part 1

Did you know: 1. Plantar fasciitis affects the underside of the foot and the heel, due to inflammation of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia connects the heel to the toes in a thick band of [...]

Migraines and Headaches part 6

Now , what can you do at home to combat your headaches or migraines?  The previous blog post talked about the muscles and joints that have shown to be possible drivers of headaches and migraines. [...]

Migrianes and Headaches part 5

So what causes this sensitized brainstem? We need to look at what is surrounding the brainstem, and I am talking about the muscles, bones and joints. Here is a great picture:  The muscles shown [...]

Migraines and Headaches part 4

Let’s go back to the lightning strike on the ketchup plant.  I would say that the lightning strike changed something at the core of the plant to make it produce mustard in the presence of [...]

Migraines and Headaches part 3

Let’s talk more abut these “triggers”. Why should wine, chocolate or even a pickle give someone a headache? Do we have a specific gene or receptor in our brain that we are born with that gives us [...]

Migraines and Headaches Part 2

Imagine being punched in the shoulder by someone. It hurts and you know exactly where the hit landed. It is just one hit and the pain will eventually go away. Now, imagine being hit in the same [...]

Migraines and Headaches Part 1

Did you know that in the US: •1/6 women and 1/17 men sufferer from debilitating headaches/migraines •30 million adults suffer from headaches/migraines and that is 12 times as the occurrence of [...]


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