A recent poll was taken of two Facebook support groups for those who suffer from Cluster Headaches.  The intention was to see how many have neck involvement at any time of their history of having cluster headaches.

Below are the 3 questions that were asked with 115 responses and a graph to give a good visualization of the answers given:

1. Do you have any history of head or neck trauma/injuries?

2. Do you have neck pain with your headaches? If so, when does it occur?

3. Do you have any specific triggers? Can you predict your headaches?

CH 3?

With these types of headaches, the individuals are very knowledgeable about what their triggers are or when the “cycle” is.  As for neck involvement, whether it is a previous injury or the neck pain is present with headaches, there does not seem to be a significant correlation.  Over half of the responses did state that they felt like they did have neck pain with their headaches but the pain of the headache was more prevalent to them.

If there is a possibility that the neck is a contributor to these headaches, why not have it examined?

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