frequently asked questions

what can I expect?

1 hour long, one-on-one sessions

Initial Evaluation: A detailed past medical history will be reviewed, and the proper testing techniques will be utilized. You will be given a detailed plan of care based off the findings, as well as the appropriate treatment and a home exercise program (HEP) that is specifically tailored for you.

Follow up visits: Review of the previous visit’s treatment and findings, as well as continued progression of your treatment and HEP.

Headache and Migraine treatments
Initial evaluation: one hour long
Follow up treatments: 45 minutes

All regular visits (non-headache and migraine related): one hour long

what should I wear to a session at Vertical Wall Physical Therapy?

A loose fittingT-shirt with shorts or sweatpants and a sports bra (females) are usually the best option.

how many sessions should I aniticpate?

Vertical Wall’s policy is if no progress is made within 4 visits, then the treatment plan will be re-evaluated and/or you will be referred to the proper professional(s). We are confident that you will experience improvement by the end of the first visit, and we will provide you a clear plan of care.

Is a referral required from a physician or another health professional to be setup an appointment?

This term references the ability of a public person being able to see a Physical Therapist (PT) without physician referral. As of 4/2013, citizens in 48 states in the United States including Washington D.C. now have “direct access” to seeing a PT, including the state of Oregon, which passed legislation in 1993. This means that any patient has the legal right to seek out services from any PT that they wish to see. As of 1/1/2008, there is a 60 day limit to seeing a PT without a physician referral. If for some reason, goals are not achieved in 60 days, any extension on therapy treatment must be co-signed by a Physician. Many health care providers and insurers are still unaware of this state legislation that was passed over 20 years ago.(2)

As of 1/1/2014, the Governor of Oregon has now removed this 60 day limit. There are no such restrictions any longer for patients seeing PT’s.

In order to receive reimbursement, some insurances will require a referral from a qualified health professional (ie; primary care physician) but it does not prevent you from being seen by a physical therapist. Please refer to your insurer for specific details.
As a health profession, we are a less expensive first line of defense with the skills and knowledge to guide you to the appropriate health care professional if we deem that your reason for coming to us is out of our scope of practice.

when is an appropriate time to pay for services that were provided?

Payment prior to the start of every session. We accept cash, check and credit/debit card. HSA and FSA cards are welcome as well.

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