Insurance / Payment Information

Why is it that Vertical Wall is a cash pay clinic?

Being a cash pay clinic allows us at Vertical Wall to treat the patient without the limitations that insurances provide. It allows us to have an hour with our patient and to have the patient follow the same clinician throughout the plan of care. The state of Oregon is a direct access state which allows you the consumer to access physical therapy without a referral from a physician. As musculoskeletal specialists, we are able to rule out “red flags” or medical emergencies as well as determine a specific plan of care.

At Vertical Wall, we strive to give you more than your money’s worth. We also seek to empower you so that you know why you are receiving specific treatments and how your home program will compliment your treatments.

We are very honored that you chose us to help you reach your goals and we look forward to keeping you on track for those goals beyond your time in the clinic.

Visit explanations

PT evaluation (1hour)
Headache/Migraine evaluation (1hr15 minutes)

Evaluations consist of extensive isotropy analysis to rule out “Red Flags” that may require other outside professional services. The history also guides the plan of care.

Special tests are utilized to also determine what treatments will be effective in the plan of care and to give excellent retesting measures. During this time (as well as other visits) please ask questions and/or for clarification as we want you to be as knowledgable as possible so that you may be empowered to reach your goals.

Follow up visits:
PT visits (1 hour)
Headache and migraine visits (45 minutes)

Follow up visits are a continuation of the evaluation with the focus on maintaining the specific plan of care to reach your goals. Your feedback helps with the effectiveness of the treatments as well as you adhering to your home program.

If no changes are made within 4 visits then we determine that we will not be able to be effective for the patient and the appropriate referral will be made.

Whether it is preventative, recovering from or returning to, we will guide you and educate you during the journey. We provide a home program that you, the patient, is to perform in order to make the path to the goals set forth successful.

** Visits can be paid by cash, check all major credit cards, HSA and FSA cards **

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