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Let’s talk more abut these “triggers”.

Why should wine, chocolate or even a pickle give someone a headache?

Do we have a specific gene or receptor in our brain that we are born with that gives us pain in our head, say, when eat a pickle?

I do believe that our brains do have a capacity that we cannot fully grasp but, I am not sure that it needs to be this specific. I do believe everyone is unique and they do respond in their own way.  But a pickle….

Now, what if a system has a malfunction in it’s ability to carry out its intended purpose?   For example, all of a sudden, a ketchup assembly plant is hit by a storm and it starts making mustard whenever the workers wear Hawaiian shirts.

Hawaiian shirts?  Are these the cause or trigger?  Did the storm change something at the core of the assembly plant for it to respond in this way?

All are very valid questions and can be correlated to the questions of headaches and migraines.

There are over 300 types of headaches and migraines that have medical diagnoses. The majority are diagnosed by symptoms and are treated per the symptoms. If you chat with a long time headache or migraine sufferer, they may have a “soup” of medications that they take for their symptoms. They may also have had a surgical procedure performed to eliminate or minimize their symptoms. They may also have a history of needing to change the “soup” as their headaches or migraines were having “break throughs.”

This is complicated…..Why so many types of headaches and so many types  of treatments and/or medications that seem to have a temporary effect?

Wait for the next blog and I will go into this further in detail.

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