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Let’s go back to the lightning strike on the ketchup plant.  I would say that the lightning strike changed something at the core of the plant to make it produce mustard in the presence of Hawaiian shirts.

Now, a person had a motor vehicle accident 10 years ago.  1 year ago, this person started having unbearable headaches on the right side of her head that only occurred when she drank red wine.  Before this, she was wine tasting 3 times a year with no issues.  Why now?  Why red wine? Did she develop an allergy or has she had some low quality red wine?

These may be factors, but we need to look a little deeper.

Just cutting out red wine may not eliminate the headaches or it may.  What if there was a possibility that red wine could still be taken without having headaches or migraines?

What if the main reason for the headaches could actually be resolved versus chasing the symptoms?

I am here to announce that research is starting to reveal an underlying mechanism for headaches  and migraines.  It is called a sensitized brainstem.

The brainstem, in short, is where all of our information of how we perceive the world around us travels.  If it is “sensitized,” then the information received will be inaccurate.

The majority of the medications prescribed are used to “de-sensitize” the brainstem.  They are temporary and typically need to be modified periodically as there are “breakthrough” headaches/migraines.  Or the side effects become more detrimental than the benefit.

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