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Now , what can you do at home to combat your headaches or migraines?  The previous blog post talked about the muscles and joints that have shown to be possible drivers of headaches and migraines. The cutting edge technique I spoke about, requires follow up with a home program.

Part of this home program involves exercises and the other part requires lifestyle changes.

The exercises themselves, have shown to provide relief.  Typically, those who have performed the exercises consistently for 3 weeks at least have seen the greatest results, even without seeing me in the clinic! The lifestyle change aspect puts all of your hard work with the exercises into practice with daily life.

The E-book that contains these exercises and lifestyle change recommendations, is on sale for only $2.99!

There are videos for a few of the exercises and all exercises have photos and descriptions.  As I said earlier, there are life applications so that you know why these exercises are important.

Please share with those that you know that are suffering from headaches and migraines.  Let’s decrease the pain as well as the medication use!

Migraine and Headache Ebook

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