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So what causes this sensitized brainstem?

We need to look at what is surrounding the brainstem, and I am talking about the muscles, bones and joints.

Here is a great picture:

upper-cervical The muscles shown are the muscles that are deep and work with the top 3 vertebrate of the spine.  If there is a deviation of these vertebrate, one can see how the muscles shown can be affected and required to function differently.

There are nerves that are in amongst these muscles and these nerves are a part of a complex that is connected to the scalp, face and eyes.

With such intricacies in this region, one can imagine what a misalignment of the vertebrate for a long period of time might do.  In the short term, we may have the typical tension headache that occurs.  If this tension headache is a frequent incident, then we have, as we described earlier, a chronic situation.  The spider web effect.

With the brainstem located in this area, we may also have our perception of the world modified inappropriately.

So what, outside of medications and surgeries, can help with this?

Massage and light stretching can help but these seem to be a short term fix.

Correcting out work station, our pillow, our bed, how we sit in the car or drinking more water are all good changes.

But, correcting the underlying “driver” will make these changes and treatments that much more effective and be a part of the long term resolution.  A cutting edge manual technique has been developed to address this “driver” of headaches and migraines and it focuses on the same goals as do the many medications that are prescribed: to desensitize the brainstem.  But, it has the ability to provide long term results!

In the next blog post, I will reveal an e-book that contains the top home exercises I have given to my patient’s as I work with them using this cutting edge, manual therapy technique.

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