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In this previous blog, we talked about the facts of Plantar Fasciitis.

As you can see, one area in the foot can really affect one’s life and make it difficult to do the activities that one enjoys.

I want to walk  (no pun intended) you through some self examination to look at the “big picture” to determine what may be a driver of your foot pain.

Step 1) Find a path that is 50 feet long that you can walk down and back about 3 times

Observe these 3 things while walking on this path:

1:  Do you  spend more time on one leg versus the other

2:  Do you walk on your toes?

3:  Do you have pain if you try to walk heel to toe on each foot?

Make note of your findings.

I would also recommend that you take a video of yourself walking so that you may see your findings more accurately.

Step 2) Stand in front of a mirror and balance on one leg (you will do this on both sides).

single leg squat

1: How is your balance on each side?

2: What does your knee do when you squat down 3 times on each side?

In the clinic, these are the first steps to determine what may be driving your foot pain.  How you move determines how your muscles, joints and ligaments will work mechanically.

Make sure you make note of these 2 steps and it is recommended that you take video so that you may refer back and gain greater detail.

The purpose of these “big picture” observations is to start the path towards determining how one moves on their feet and what may be driving the foot pain.

Write down your findings and stay tuned for the next blog where we will break down your findings and work towards some self treatments.

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