treatments we offer


Headache / Migraine

If you suffer from Migraines or headaches of all types, Dr. Ryan Schulz is here to help relieve your pain by utilizing a cutting edge, non-pharmacological, manual technique that focuses on the upper neck to decrease the sensitivity to the triggers to headaches/migraines.


Hips & Knees

Do you have knee or hip pain that is preventing your form hiking that trail, running with your child, moving those boxes, climbing those stairs or performing those agility drills?


Neck / Back Pain

To be able to look out the blind spot of your car easier, to get of that that pesky “kink” that has been around since your surgery or that bad night of sleep or you want to avoid neck pain at your new desk job. We are here to address all of these and empower you for long term success.


Shoulder Pain

Whether you are wanting to return to sport, yard work or just being able to lift your child, we will get you back to where you want to be. Our arms are used for many things in life, and any limitation is unnecessary


Ankle / Foot

Every time we land on our feet, it sets off a “chain reaction” that requires all parts to be working at their full potential.  When one or two parts are not performing as they should, injuries, discomfort and pain limit our ability to live life as we want.  Even after injury, these parts need to be returned to their intended  functional ability to get back to one’s desired activities.  But, it is not good enough to stop there.  It is about restoring ourselves to the greatest potential.   Whether you hike, bike, walk, play with your kids/grandkids, do home projects or run, let us get you back to it!


Pre-Workout Screens

The body is an amazing instrument that is meant to heal itself. With proper techniques and exercises, you can keep your body running in tip-top shape. Invest in yourself and utilize the necessary tools, exercises, and stretches to eliminate nagging injuries and to perform to the best of your abilities.

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