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The ankle and the foot are a part of the chain reaction of the whole leg. Every time your foot hits the ground, this chain reaction sets into motion how your body will absorb the forces put on it as well as determine how efficiently it will produce force.

The foot and ankle play a valuable role. That pesky irritation from a past ankle sprain, or the toe that is painful, the pain on the bottom of your foot/heel or that stiffness that will not go away. These are all things that may limit your foot or ankle to perform at the their optimal ability from the chain reaction of the leg.

At Vertical Wall, we will not only assess your ankle and your foot but we will also assess all of the parts of the chain reaction which include your spine, your pelvis, your hips, and your knees.


The mission of Vertical Wall Physical Therapy, LLC is to provide patients with cutting-edge physical therapy treatments that are evidenced based, one on one, and hands-on. We strive to equip our patients with the necessary tools to return them to their desired physical and health status, and to invite them to achieve results beyond as well. As a professional healthcare provider, we adhere to, and succeed the standards of our profession.


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A native of Sherwood, Dr. Schulz utilizes cutting edge manual therapy techniques from leaders in the Physical Therapy profession. These studies have taken me to Australia, Colorado, California, Nicaragua, Washington and Oregon..

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