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  • Are you missing out on life or using up your PTO because of your headaches and migraines?
  • Are your headache or migraine medication side effects impacting you?
  • Do you have a history of neck injury or neck pain?
  • Do you have neck pain with your headaches or migraines?

Too few people who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines (all types) have had their neck skillfully assessed before they are placed on medications or have procedures performed. Determining whether the neck is involved could save money and time, and also avoid possible harmful effects from medications or procedures.

At Vertical Wall Physical Therapy, Ryan Schulz has been trained in the Watson Headache® Approach which will eliminate the use of medications. Ryan is, in fact, the only practitioner who has recently travelled from the United States to attend a Watson Headache® Institute course in Australia.


6 critical areas of headaches and migraines

Initial Evaluation: 1hr 15 minutes

Evaluations consist of extensive isotropy analysis to rule out “Red Flags” that may require other outside professional services. The history also guides the plan of care. Special tests are utilized to also determine what treatments will be effective in the plan of care and to give excellent retesting measures.

During this time (as well as other visits) please ask questions and for clarification as we want you to be as knowledgable as possible so that you may be empowered to reach your goals.

Follow up visits: 45 minutes

Follow up visits are a continuation of the evaluation with the focus on maintaining the specific plan of care to reach your goals. Your feedback helps with the effectiveness of the treatments as well as you adhering to your home program.

If no changes are made within 4 visits then we determine that we will not be able to be effective for the patient and the appropriate referral will be made.

The mission of Vertical Wall is to help those who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines decrease their symptoms, decrease their medication use and avoid unnecessary procedures.

The vision of Vertical Wall is to have every headache and migraine sufferer have their upper neck assessed by a skilled clinician as their initial treatment.


headache & migraine ebook


This book is not intended to talk about the specific types of headaches or migraines. The intention is to give the reader exercises that are meant to provide an alternative to headache and migraine relief.


meet ryan

A native of Sherwood, Dr. Schulz utilizes cutting edge manual therapy techniques from leaders in the Physical Therapy profession. These studies have taken me to Australia, Colorado, California, Nicaragua, Washington and Oregon..

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