• Flexibility and mobility check
  • Stability check
  • Overall functional strength check

Please fill out the questionnaire and you will be e-mailed a complimentary assessment that will cover these areas:

-Your overall score/evaluation with specific details
-This will include your risk for injury and why
-Recommendations as you start or return to your exercise program

The screens will last about 30 minutes and cost $45

Make sure you wear athletic clothing and bring your workout shoes. Also, bring any questions or concerns that you may have.

The mission of Vertical Wall Physical Therapy, LLC is to provide patients with cutting-edge physical therapy treatments that are evidenced based, one on one, and hands-on. We strive to equip our patients with the necessary tools to return them to their desired physical and health status, and to invite them to achieve results beyond as well. As a professional healthcare provider, we adhere to, and succeed the standards of our profession.


meet ryan

A native of Sherwood, Dr. Schulz utilizes cutting edge manual therapy techniques from leaders in the Physical Therapy profession. These studies have taken me to Australia, Colorado, California, Nicaragua, Washington and Oregon..

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