what our patients are saying…

  • I started getting intermittent migraines when I was 18. Over the years I learned I could manage them with diet and occasional medication as needed. Then two years ago I was rear ended and the frequency of headaches increased significantly. I was still able to manage with medication, stretching and massage. Once I became pregnant with my second child, I was having headaches almost every day. I was taking a lot of Tylenol just to get through my work day and feeling terrible about doing so because I was pregnant. I heard about Ryan from my husband's coworker and decided to see him after a five-day headache wouldn't let up. The first treatment took away my headache very quickly. The treatment itself is not fun and I was very sore, but I knew it was pain with a purpose. I was a very good patient, doing my exercises as prescribed. I think I saw him for 4-5 visits, kept up on my home program and I haven't had a headache in months. Ryan is an excellent clinician and fantastic at what he does and sharing his knowledge. I have recommended patients and friends to see him and would recommend my own family to be seen by him as well.

  • My teenage son was suffering terribly during his recovery from Chiari Malformation surgery. Chiari Malformation is a congenital (present at birth) defect in the area of the back of the head where the brain and spinal cord connect. CM is a very serious condition that can cause migraine headaches, loss of motor function, intense pain in the eyes, and many other debilitating symptoms. Left untreated CM can lead to an early death after many years of intense suffering. Although my son’s surgery went very well, there is no standard evidence based after care recovery program once surgery is performed. Several months after surgery my son was cleared by his doctor to participate in track. While my son was participating in a track meet he collapsed while competing. All his terrible CM symptoms came back. The doctors we saw just wanted to prescribe pain killers and had no clue how to address my son’s condition. Dr. Ryan went much further than trying to mask Troy’s symptoms with drugs. Dr. Ryan worked tirelessly to stabilize, strengthen and heal my son’s neck. My son’s case is a very complicated one where many doctors had failed to heal or even give my son much relieve after his surgery. Dr. Ryan also has advanced training with the Watson Headache Institute which gave Dr. Ryan additional abilities to heal my son along with a network of other medical professionals to consult in determining the unique treatment my son needed to recover. I feel very lucky and blessed that Dr. Ryan was able to treat and heal my son.

    Mike C.
  • I have dealt with migraines, tension headaches, and neck pain since for 30 years. More recently, I developed TMJ with a locked jaw. Ryan was recommended to me by another physical therapist. He was professional, thorough, and provided great explanations. I have had significant improvement in my symptoms with increased function of my jaw and reduced headaches after only several sessions and I plan to continue follow up with him in the future.

  • I was nearing the 5 month mark with a constant headache in the 7 to 8 range on the pain scale. Dr's had ordered a battery of tests, enormous prescriptions with no definitive results or relief. Pain medication up to and including Dilantin 13offered no relief from the pain. My life as I was used to was on hold. A family member recommended that I make an appointment with Ryan, and after two visits in his skilled hands I've been headache free (zero on the pain scale) for a month, as you can imagine I'm thankful for his assistance and recommend him highly.

  • I recently went all the way to Oregon after reading about Roxie's journey and how Ryan Schulz of Vertical Wall Therapy helped her. After many drugs , nerve blocks, Botox etc.... I decided to take a chance. If anything it would be a nice trip to Oregon. Ryan accommodated me in the 6 days I was there and I have to say the treatment he provided was amazing. Since being home for two weeks and following his exercise regime, I have only had 5 headaches and some very slight. Get in touch with him. It really works. Look up his site. He has done extensive training and will explain everything to you. Thank you Ryan Schulz for saving me!

  • In Jan. 2014, I started complaining of ear/jaw pain and a stiff neck. Seen two ENT’s and a dentist. All noted no infection, inflammation or anything abnormal with my inner and outer ear and my dentist ruled out TMJ. In February, I began with mild headaches a few days per week. Over the next few months, the headaches got more frequent occurring daily and gradually got more intense. By May of 2014, my headache pain grew moderate in nature and occurring 6-8 times per day. Even without a headache present it was hard to focus and I experienced dizziness at times. In June, I seen a neuro that said I had migraines and treated me with various migraine meds but nothing gave me any relief. He later treated me for cluster headaches, but still no meds would give me any relief. By July, my headache pain grew severe occurring 8-10 times per day and I had to take a leave from work. After an ER visit and getting nowhere with my current neuro I decided to get a second opinion with another neuro. It was at this time I came across a case study online of a woman with severe daily headaches that began with jaw pain and stiff neck. Her neuro diagnosed her with HC and she found relief by daily doses on Indocin. When I had my first visit with my new neuro in August, we discussed trying a trial dose of Indocin to confirm or deny I had HC. By the four day of taking 50mg 3X per day of Indocin my headaches subsided. Finally something gave me some relief. I had to take a maintenance dose of Indocin 50mg 3X per day or I would get breakthrough headaches. I began to do research online on HC and came across the Watson Headache Institute in Australia. They had a different theory on the cause of daily headaches and had developed a specific manual therapy technique with a focus on the cervical spine that could help relieve daily headaches. I emailed them my case history and presented them my symptoms to see if I was a candidate for the technique and I was. They then referred me to Ryan Schulz, a physical therapist in Oregon that had travel to Australia to received training from Dean Watson in this technique for headache relief. I contacted Ryan and after a few Skype sessions he had enough info to create a treatment regimen for me and I flew from Louisiana to Oregon for treatment in October. By the third session with Ryan I noticed some improvement. I completed a total of 6 sessions with Ryan and now live headache free with no meds. I’m back at work full time, raising my young son and exercising 3 days per week at a women’s gym. I’m living proof the Watson technique can work. Ryan gave me my life back. I would recommend anyone suffering from daily persistent headaches to contact Ryan at Vertical Wall Physical Therapy to see if you’re a candidate for his treatment.

    Roxy P.