The Hurdles That Are Headaches…

We have all heard of the Fosbury Flop and how it changed the history of the high jump. if you haven’t, take a peek at the short video…

Just because there has been one way to do something and it works, does not mean it is the best way. Fosbury proved this…with the Fosbury flop. Few before him had tried his method with no real success. He used it and won a gold medal.

This makes me think of how headaches and migraines are typically treated in the present medical model:

Current Model… A person with a headache or migraine (typically chronic) goes to their primary care physician whom will prescribe a medication based on the symptoms or the patient is referred to a specialist. The specialist will have imaging performed on the patient to make sure there are no other “secondary” causes such as tumors, heart issues, etc… Then, if all is clear with the imaging, then the treatment pathway ensues which may include medications, injections or surgical procedures. They may refer to conservative management ( Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage, etc…) but it is rare. Rare because this would mean that the neck may be somehow involved in chronic headaches or migraines.


The current medical model approaches headaches and migraines by addressing the symptoms or one can say only looking “downstream.” The surgical procedures, implants, medications currently have shown (the majority) short term success. Medications may have very harmful short and long term side effects.

Here comes the Fosbury Flop for headache and migraine treatment…..drum roll please… having the neck evaluated FIRST. Before any medications, any surgical procedures or any injections.

The neck is evaluated in a skillful way that determines immediately if the neck is the “driver” for the headache and/or migraine symptoms.

Now, if the neck is involved, then this means that if the neck is treated correctly, there is a great possibility for relief from the headaches and/or migraines.

Treating the neck has shown to significantly reduce symptoms as well eliminate the need for medications/injections.

Are YOU ready to have your neck assessed? Are you ready to find headache/migraine relief that does not require medications or invasive procedures?

Achieve Relief Today….

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