Have you ever heard or said these phrases?

“I was moving some boxes and threw my back out”

“My back goes out every once in a while and I have to have it put back in”

“I woke up and my back was all out of whack”

“I am afraid my back will go out if I try ———- again”

“I used to be able to do that but my back cannot handle it anymore”

We have all said or heard someone say this one or more times. It sure sounds like the back can be a very fragile part of the body. But is it really?

Maybe what we think of our back is more a perception of our pain? This youtube video does a great job of explaining the perception of pain:

Low back pain costs 50 billion dollars a year on treatment alone and 100 billion a year for indirect costs.


This statement is unreal!! So what they are saying is that the typical course of treatment of getting an MRI before physical therapy is an astronomical difference financially??

Why are we not told this? Well, now you have been told.

So, having an MRI will guide better treatment…or will it?
See the statistics below:


MRIs are “still” pictures that do not capture the actual live functional mobility of the spine or surrounding structures.

Whether your back pain has just started or has been ongoing, do not let fear creep in. Go the route that has proven to have long term relief, and no medications or invasive procedures are required.

Contact Vertical Wall Physical Therapy and we will provide you with a long term plan to return you to work, picking up your child, doing the activities you love or just sitting at work without being reminded of your back pain.

Achieve Relief Today….

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