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Is Chocolate Giving You A Migraine?

Imagine being told that your headache or migraine was caused by your favorite food…chocolate.

I can only imagine the thoughts and withdrawals that might occur in one’s life if this were to happen.

One can only fathom the struggle that will come with the sight or smell of chocolate. Especially in those weak moments.

Or…replace chocolate with another favorite food or beverage.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Medications are not the answer.

Injections and surgery are not the answer.

What if the answer to being able to have your chocolate (insert food or beverage) again without having to suffer a headache or migraine could be in your neck?

What if having your neck evaluated skillfully could determine right away if your neck is involved in your headache and/or migraines?

Ryan Schulz PT, DPT has been trained in the Watson (hyperlink) technique which address and treats the neck for headaches and migraines.

Dr. Schulz is currently the only practitioner in the United States that has been trained in this technique and he has had had tremendous results.

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