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Have your headaches or migraines

led to any of the following?

Missed out on a vacation.

Not wanting to take medications because of the side effects.

Difficulty sleeping.

Unable to drive.

Missed out on your child's event.

Been bounced around from provider to provider.


if you said yes to any of the statements above...

Did you know that your neck may be a leading cause of your headaches and migraines?


We have created a simple 3 step process to eliminate pain so you can get back to the things you love.


Step 1

Schedule a Free 15 minute Consultation

Let’s dive into your history and gain a clear understanding of your struggle. This call will determine if your neck is part of your headaches/migraines and if you are a candidate for the treatment approach that we offer.


Step 2

Follow Your Personalized Plan

45 minute follow-ups focused on the driver(s) of your headaches/migraines.

Hiking with Rain Jacket

Step 3

Enjoy Your Life Again

Get back to the life you once enjoyed!

Note: The temporary reproduction of your headaches or migraine will subside after the assessment, and will not stimulate a headache or migraine attack.



Dr. Ryan Schulz

I have been blessed to have received training from leaders in my field of physical therapy which includes training for the Watson Headache Approach. After learning this approach and returning to the states, I started on the path to serving those with headaches and migraines locally, out of state and out of the country.

There is no greater experience than being part of people having their lives changed and getting back to what they love.

My training has also taken me to Australia, Colorado, California, Nicaragua, Washington and Oregon. I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science Degree and received my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Regis University in 2008.


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What is the Watson Headache Approach?

The Watson Headache Approach is recognized as a scientifically researched method of examination and treatment, and the diagnostic accuracy is unparalleled. It addresses the upper neck specifically and reveals exactly where the symptoms are driven from.

You, the patient, are treated holistically and will be empowered with a plan that addresses multiple aspects of your life that you will able to impact. The treatment is specific to each patient, the home program is unique to each individual with long term relief with zero side effects.

I am a husband to an incredible wife and a father to two beautiful girls. Being an outdoor enthusiast, you can find me hiking, fishing, camping, cycling, climbing, running, bouldering, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and walking wherever the path takes me. As a family, we have a passion to give back to the cancer community. I am also a cancer survivor and remember those who served me and my family during my battle.

Ryan J Schulz PT, DPT




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Dr. Ryan Schulz

Dr. Ryan Schulz

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Tammy E.

Tammy E.

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Ryan Schulz PT Vertical Wall Review AKA How Ryan and the Dean Watson Technique Cured My Migraines

Ryan Schulz PT Vertical Wall Review AKA How Ryan and the Dean Watson Technique Cured My Migraines

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Headache & Migraine

Postural alignment and exercises to combat headaches and migraines.


This book is not intended to talk about the specific types of headaches or migraines. The intention is to give the reader exercises that are meant to provide an alternative to headache and migraine relief.

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6 critical areas for Headache & Migraines

This book is intended to provide information on how stress, sleep, diet, water, exercise and the neck are the 6 critical areas for headaches and migraines.  

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what people are saying


Ryan is awesome! I have had migraines consistently for over 30 years. The treatment has always been medication and it would leave me feeling terrible. Meeting with Ryan has been a blessing. He listens to your concerns and triggers and works with you to find the solution. I started going to Vertical Wall and I don’t have migraines anymore!

megan r.


After a year of treatments at a Pain Clinic, I heard the words "there is nothing more we can do". Fortunately, one of the nurses at the Pain Clinic said that several patients had had success working with Ryan Schulz at Vertical Wall Physical Therapy.

I have severe Cervical Stenosis and L4-L5 Spondylolisthesis. Back pain and headaches were a daily occurrence. Ryan has worked with me to, not only mitigate the pain, but also to explain exactly what and why it is happening. He has given me many tools to deal with my back issues and helped me immensely.

Ryan is a total professional with extensive knowledge and expertise in his field. He is very compassionate and truly wants his patients to be free of pain. I highly recommend him.

jacquie j.


I came to Ryan to seek treatment after getting whiplash in my neck in 2015 and after seeing him I haven't had any neck issues or migraines since. He makes you feel very comfortable and I would say that the more you trust him and his treatment, the more he will help you. If you neck pain and/or migraines, Ryan is guaranteed to help you.

troy c.

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Get back to the things you love.

A quick phone call can change your life!

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